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Oakleigh Manor horticultural Services are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and to minimise the amount of waste we generate an move towards completely organic, sustainable gardening.

There are many ways that through our maintenance and planting services we can actually improve the environment in your garden.

Encouraging Wildlife
There are many ways of encouraging and providing for wildlife in your garden, from installing birdbaths, water features or even a pond. Planting hedges can be used to provide shelter, log piles and artificial boxes can be used to encourage those friendly insects that our gardens need. Best of all by planting lots of beautiful flowering and fruiting Plants.

Managing green waste in your garden with the construction of compost bins reduces the level of green waste that is sent to landfill, reduces the costs and provides you with a supply of organic compost.

Vegetable gardens
Having a supply of your own fruit, veg and herbs growing in your garden is very economical and even small areas can yield a surprisingly large crop.

Rainwater harvesting
Capturing water that would otherwise flow down the drain makes a lot of sense. Rainwater is in fact prefect for use in the garden from its temperature to its Ph level.